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Barometric OSD

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OSD with Barometric pressure sensor for areial photographers


Barometric OSD is a simple OSD device with barometric pressure sensor.
It is compleately designed for aerial photographers and their altitude information requirements.  

It is simple and plug and play device without any calibration settings. Just connect it tou your video system  and fly.


Barometric OSD gives you;

  • Altitude from ground (auto calibration when power on)
  • Battery supply voltage
  • Flight time (timer works after 2+ meters altitude)

Parallel Video System Installation

Using the Barometric OSD
  • Connect the +(Red),-(Black) and video(White) lines to your camera or video transmitter. 
  • Power on your system. 
  • You will see the OSD on the screen.
  • Wait till the altimeter show "0" altitude. The calibration proecedure takes ~15 seconds.
  • Press over hidden button to selecting the vertical position of OSD data.

The hidden button under the sticker.Put your finger over "O" letter of "OSD" word. And press gently, you will feel the tickle.




  • No calibration or something. Just Plug&Play design.
  • 1 meter resolution
  • Foam insert to reduce pressure pulses.
  • 5-18v supply voltage
  • Only 20mA current requirements
  • 6.9gr weight
  • 30x30x6mm dimentions
  • Parallel video connection with simple servo connector to any video system. (-,+,video)
  • Automatic PAL/NTSC detection