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10W LED Arrays

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Powerful LED Array for hobby projects.

These LED Arrays are compatible with our 10W LED Driver product. 
You can supply arrays with flight battery over the driver. 



Warning: Every LED light source requires a driver.  If you connect them to the power supply directly, they will burn immediately because of the high current. 
If you want to drive these LEDs continuously by your battery, a simple calculated serial resistor will work. 
Please visit the link below to calculate the right resistor value.

Warning 2: These LEDs generate a few watts heat because of the high drive current and voltage (details below). You should attach them to a flat metal surface to transfer the heat.


Absolute maximum ratings at (TA=25degrees Celsius)

Power dissipation PD 10 W
Forward current IF 1050 mA
Peak pulsed forward current  IFP 1500 mA
Static breakdown voltage EDS 2500 V
Storage temperature Topr -25~+80 deg
Operating temperature Tstg -30~+100 deg



Electrical/Optical Characteristics For Individual LED

Luminous flux
Forward voltage
Colour temperature
Forward current
 LED COLOR      Typ Max Typ Max Typ Max  
RED 400 450 6.0  7.0  620 630 1050
GREEN 400 450 6.0  7.0  585 595 1050
BLUE 150 200 9.0  11.0  450 465 900
COLD WHITE 800 900 9.0  12.0  10000 13000 1050