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Cree® XPE LEDs with Breakout Board

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This smaller package extends Cree’s award-winning LED performance into new LED lighting applications.
The breakout board has polarity marks and standard soldering pads for simple and easy connection.
Bottom of the PCB is directly connected to the cooling pad of Cree® LED. So, you don't need an extra cooling solution for strobe applications. 



Cree XPE Breakout Board



These breakout boards are fully compatible with our STROBON™ Cree® Standalone lights and their external LED pads.
You need only a pair of wires to extend the strobe light to the other side of your flying platform. 
IMPORTANT: Every colour has own forward voltage. So, You can connect only the same colour of LEDs as parallel. Else only the lower one will work. 

STROBON™ Standalone with External Cree LED


Board Dimentions: 15mm x 7mm x 3mm

Weight: < 2gr


Warning: Every LED light source requires a driver.  If you connect them to the power supply directly, they will burn immediately because of the high current. 
If you want to drive these LEDs continuously by your battery, a simple calculated serial resistor will work.
Please visit the link below to calculate the right resistor value.


XPE LED Specifications:

Size 3.45 x 3.45 mm
Product Options White
High-Efficiency Photo Red
Maximum Continuous Drive Current 1 A White
Max Power (W) 3.5 W
Max Light Output (lm) 307 lm
Maximum Efficacy at Binning Conditions (lm/W) 122 lm/W
Typical Forward Voltage 3.1 V @ 350 mA
Maximum Reverse Voltage 5 V
Viewing Angle 115°
Maximum Junction Temperature 150 °C