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3V-35V Adjustable Step-Up Converter Module XL6009 Replace LM2577

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Do you need to boost your battery voltage for your equipment like high voltage camera gimbals?

This is the equipment you are looking for. 

You can boost 2S LiPO pack to 12V for your camera or transmitter, or use your 4S camera gimbal with your 3S flying platform. Just check the current and voltage requirement of your system and set the voltage by adjustable resistor. 

Key Features

  • Type:  Switching type voltage booster
  • Input voltage: 3-34 V.
  • Output voltage: continuous adjustable (4-35 V).
  • Output current: 2.5 A (MAX).
  • Input current: 3 A (MAX).
  • Input methods: IN + input is level, IN-input negative.
  • Output way: OUT + output is level, OUT-output negative.
  • Adjustment: first correct by the input power supply (3-34 V, between) again using a multimeter to monitoring output voltage and the potentiometer (turn step-down, in reverse chronological turn boost).
  • Output voltage: 4-35 V continuous adjustable (the construction no-load commissioning) our default shipping voltage 12 V if you require other voltage can tune ourselves.
  • Dimensions: 45 x 20 x 14mm
  • Weight: 11gr