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STROBON v2 Navigation Light

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This product is compatible with latest FAA and CAA anti collision lights rules for drones. It's visible from 3 miles away at night.

STROBON Lights are the most powerful navigation lights on the model market for years.

Now, it's configurable for 5 different patterns!

  1. Strobe  (Legendary Strobon v1 strobe effect. 3 fast flashes like xenon wing tip flash lights)
  2. Blink (Simulates belly or tail lights. Continuous ON/OFF)
  3. Heartbeat (standard beacon light pattern, ramp up/ramp down/off)
  4. Rotating Beacon (perfect simulation of rolling beacons. ramp up/flash/ramp down/off)
  5. Static (you can use it as landing headlights or static wing-tip lights)

It allows 2 different working modes;

  • RC Controlled Mode: Plug it on your RC receiver’s any channel for RC mode, then you can enable/disable it over selected servo channel. 
    Each Strobon counts the servo signals. So, you can plug more than one Strobon to the same RC channel to syncronize them.  (check the schematic below)

  • Standalone Mode: Power it with directly from the battery (3.5-6v) it works on Standalone mode and works continuously.

Strobon v2

Colour Selection 

Because of the human eye's limitations, Every colour has different visibility and energy transfer rate. 
Also, every LED colour has different chemical compounds and efficiency.
According to our experience in years;

WHITE:  The best visibility and efficiency. 
YELLOW Same as White but better mist penetration. 
RED 2th in the visibility, efficiency is the same as white but the best for the warning.
GREEN 3th in visibility and efficiency.  Best for Standard RED/GREEN (Left/Right) navigation usage.
BLUE 4th in the visibility and also efficiency.  We are not suggesting this colour for warning or navigation but special usage. 
IR 850nm Visible for Night Vision Goggles and surveillance cameras with night mode.
IR 940nm Visible for Night Vision Goggles only. Completely invisible to the naked human eye. Some cameras can see in the short-range.

Bottom line: White and Red is the best option if you need long-range visible strobes. And you can use the green to identify your flying platform direction. Blue is only for special applications.



  • Supply Voltage: 3.5 - 6 volt
  • Current Consumption per hour  @5V
    Strobe: 60mA (~1A when flashing)
    Blink: 70mA (150ma ON)
    Heartbeat: 120mA
    Rolling Beacon: 170mA (~1A when flashing)
    Static: 140mA
  • Diameter: 21.5mm
  • Height: 6mm
  • Screw Holes: 1.5mm diameter & 18mm distance
  • Weight: 1.50 gram without wires
  • Wire Length: 30cm (only for "with wire" option)


We are strongly suggesting our specially designed polycarbonate lenses for this product.



All you need a piece of wire or a tweezer to change the pattern. 
Connect two small pads of the Strobon v2 board while it's working (it will not change the pattern when it's OFF)
It will stop working when you connect these pins and jump to the next pattern when you release the connection. 
That's all.

Strobon v2 Settings

Navigation Light Locations




RC Receiver Wiring





Strobon Standalone Usage


 Customer Video, Thank you, Steven :)

on Tarot X6


Customer Video, Thank you, Fernando :)
(you can find the instructions and wiring details under the video description)


Customer Video, Thank you, Stan :)